STS Prepaid water meter in Malawi

2020-12-30 09:49


Embracing the third largest lake, Lake Nyasa, in African continent, Malawi has never been short of water resource. However the nation is still struggling to sustain with constant outage of electricity and water supply. 


The major challenges of the water boards are  revenue collection, and technology selection.  Malawi had been using conventional mechanical water meter since last decade. In many places, people have no water meters at all. In some areas, water boards use outdated prepaid meters operating with physical cards and tokens to collect the revenue. Customers keep bumping between their homes and water boards' offices to purchase the credits, and topup their prepaid meters. 


We engaged local water boards since 2017  and introduced STS standard compliant prepaid water meter into Malawi. Calin's solution aims to improve the revenue collection efficiency and the cashflow.  As an STS prepaid water meter operates numeric token codes, instead of physical tokens, customers could easily purchase the credit at any authorized vendors such as bank branches, ATMs, and Mobile shops or using their smart mobilephone apps or mobile money via USSD.   


Furthermore, based on the latest IOT communication technology, CALIN provide remote management & monitoring AMI system for the prepaid water meter. Daily water consumption reports, remote monitoring in real time and remotely switch on/off the meter has been applied in the project. Which is useful for detecting water leakage and monitoring abnormal water consumption events.


Now days, Calin prepaid water meters are serving more than 20,000 customers in Malawi and generating over 200% revenue increase for water boards.  We make your metering easier---  this is our forever principle.  Technology is not for show-off but for commitment to problem solving. 


Ask me not how much my meter costs, but ask me how much you reap from my meter -------   Rozelle Max M.D.