CALIN Dual source energy meters

2021-01-05 09:31


In most African countries, outages and blackouts are very frequent due to the lack of infrastructure and grid supply.  Diesel-generator has been playing an indispensable supplement .  To measure both grid supply and DG and to bill separately is becoming a trend.  


CALIN dual power source energy meter has been designed to reduce the metering cost as well as electrification cost.  The meter can measure, record and report dual energies from both grid  and diesel-generator or any other source of energy. Calin dual meter has two separate memory registers for two power sources and therefore can display the credit and total usage separately.  The default working mode is grid-supply and when the DG kicks in, the meter picksup the signal and swaps to alternative source mode to measure the power from DG supply.   Me anwhile,   the built-in prepayment algorithm allows the meter to reduce the credit for two power sources separately.


CALIN is now a popular icon of smart metering, dual metering in Nigeria. Trading companies , engieering companies or, even meter manufacturers brand Calin meters with their own logo. However the tech support team behind is still Calin.  Our dual power source meters are used widely in shopping malls, upper estates, and markets of large power users.  Having been integrated with local mobile money and third party payment gateways,  customers can purchase recharge topup tokens 24x7 with the mobile phones, and service providers have imminent cash flow without any limit of office hours.