 DLMS/COSEM standard compliant
 RS485/RF-LORA downlink to smart meters
 GPRS/3G/DSL uplink communication with a head-end AMR/AMI system
 Data collection includes total consumption/ historical daily & monthly consumption
 Meter parameter/ status/ Real-time data reading
 Tamper event record and upload automatically
 Easy to install due to BS mounting

Product Details


Lora Data Concentrator unit


CA08 smart data concentrator is dedicated to the Smart Metering application and designed as a gateway between metering devices and AMR/AMI system, CA08 creates two ways to communicate from metering points to AMR/AMRI system, performs task setting, data collection, data transmission, and data storage, meter management, GPRS information task execution and RF network management. 
CA08 utilize efficiently RS485, RF-LORA media for downlink communication to smart meters and GPRS, 3G, DSL and fiber optic for uplink communication.


Technical Parameters

Working Voltage  220V/230V/240V
Frequency 50Hz
Working Temperature -40℃ ~ 80℃
Humidity Requirement <95%
Display LED
Built-in Infrared Port IEC62056-21
Communication Module GPRS/LORA-RF
RS485 port 115200bps
Ethernet Port TCP protocol
Communication Protocol DLMS/COSEM
Weight 0.8KG
Protection Class IP54
Dimension 160*112*58mm
Non-volatile Memory Capacity 128/256Mb



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Data Concentrator Unit