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Split Type STS Prepaid Meters , Din Rail Power Meter With Ciu Pole Mounting

The CA168-S is a split type STS compliant prepayment KWH meter . It is in an international 35mm Din Rail housing and maintains the RF immunity withstand of 30V/m, enabling it to work in most harsh environments.The meter is intended for a broad range of prepaid  metering applications in multi-dweller complexes, Granny Flats, Individual Rented Units, Shops, Stores and Sporting Facilities.

With an improved dynamic range enabling a basic current of 5 Amp while retaining a maximum current of 80 Amp and extended functional features, DDSY168 -S works with a user interface unit as UIU,  UIU U is a keypad based display to be installed within consumers homes when the main meter, MCU, Metering and Control Unit, is installed away from the consumers' premises. This split  setup offers utility users and service providers great convenience and enhanced revenue protection for inspecting and maintenancing meters without entering consumers' houses.

As meter manufacturers, Calin not only provide 35mm DIN RAIL, BS footprint mounting KWH meter,  is also one of our most popular products. Both types connect to a CIU with a galvanically isolated communication cable while non-wired solution for  PLC, RF, MBUS are also available on request.  This wireless setup will greatly reduce the installation and operational cost, narrow down the payback period, and most importantly curb the potential tamper .

Major Features

1) Adjustable power limit trip

2) Enhanced tamper detection for magnetic field, reverse connection, cover open, etc.

3) Reverse energy measurement SRE

4) Information toggled by codes

5) Tamper trip protection : neutral missing

 Other Benefits

a) Compact and slim-line design

b) PLC/ RF communication for MCU & UIU and same with back end AMI server (On request)

c) Time of Use (TOU) , multi-rate, tariff control, holiday setting

d) 15 year designed life

e) Enhanced revenue protection through flexible payment control


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Split Type STS Prepaid Meters , Din Rail Power Meter With Ciu Pole Mounting