Product Details

GPRS Single Phase STS Prepaid Electricity Meter

The CA168-G is used for wide range of smart metering applications. It combines latest STS security encryption technology and modular communication unit. The meter is allowing a basic current of 5 Amp while retaining a maximum current of 80 Amp and extended AMR/AMI functional features. It is a compact design in a BS5685 standard of 30V/m and IP54 rating, allowing it to operate in harsh environments.

The meter works with a plug-in module for DLMS/COSEM compliant data collection and network communications. This modular design enables utility to select from PLC/RF/GPRS/3G and 4G LTE cellular data networks according to local conditions at low cost. Upgrade and maintenance will also become cost-effective by replacing the modules only instead of the entire meter.

Main Features

Plug-in communication module

Replaceable battery thanks to the independent cover for battery

IEC62056-21 Compliant optical & RS485 port allowing for easy data interrogation

Detection of significant reverse energy (SRE)

Disconnects on overload and no credit

Prepayment and credit mode hot swap

Programmable load limit and low credit warning

Detection and record tamper event such as opening cover, reverse connection, black-out


User Benefit

Easy connection to User Interface Unit (UIU) for split type applications

PLC/RF/GPRS communication with a head-end AMR/AMI server

Time of Use (TOU), Multi-tariff, holiday setting.

Advanced load control and disconnection features


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