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STS Standard AMR featured long battery life Keypad Prepaid Gas Meter

STS Standard AMR featured long battery life Steel / Aluminum body Keypad Prepaid Gas Meter

Calinmeter is a leader in STS smart prepayment metering in China. As number 47th STSA member, we are one of the very few manufacturers in China who can do both meter and software. We are so far the only manufacturer in China who have applied STS technology not only electric meters but also water and gas meters Calin has more than 10 years experience in STS metering. The main meter body is manufacured with the finest technique which have been proven by more than 10,000,000 installations worldwide.

The CA768 is a successful migitation from STS electric to gas meter. The base body meter is designed to accurately measure volumes of natural gas, town gas liquefied petroleum gas etc. STS compliant electronic control unit is added as perfect revenue protection facility at the same time. Calin STS gas meter are being supplied to Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, Mexico, Kenya, Tanzania, and many other countries and regions. 

Calin gas meter has option on request to work with a customer interface unit keypad (CIU) via wireless connection. CIU is installed within customer's premise when the meter is installed and locked away. Customer use CIU to check for balance, and topup history, and most importantly remotely enter recharge token code.

Main Features

Full coverage of G1.6, G2.5 and G4

Die-cast steel case ( alumium case availabe on request)   

Topup with 20 digits TOKEN to be entered on keypad

Can be used in either Prepaid or  post-paid mode 

Up to 7 years' battery life

Anti tamper valve shut-off

Gas leakage detection ( sensors required / optional)

LoRa TM sementech prepared for AMR/AMI smart metering setup

Low credit warning

Low battery alarm


Key Benefits for service providers

Highly secured STS standard

Security seals that indicate tampering

Long life and smooth operation molded, convoluted diaphragms

Easy connection to User Interface Unit(UIU) for split type applications


Type G1.6 G2.5 G4
Nominal Flow Rate m³/h 1.6 2.5 4
Maximum Flow Rate m³/h 2.5 4 6
Minimum Flow Rate m³/h 0.016 0.025 0.040
Maximum Work Preesure 50kPa / 7 psi
Basic Error % Qmin<Q<0.1Qmax: ±3; 0.1Qmax<Q<Qmax: ±1.5;
Leak-Provenance kPa No leakage below 15kPa
Pressure Loss kPa <250
Maximum Reading m³ 99999.9
Minimum Reading m³ 0.2
Weight(kg) 2 kg




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STS Standard AMR featured long battery life Keypad Prepaid Gas Meter